Our facility is GMP compliant with a quality system to match.

At Founders Science Group, we take our client’s privacy seriously.  Here’s what security means to us:

24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

Our storage locations are monitored daily to ensure continued robust performance at the specified conditions. All data collected is recorded and stored for future reference.

Putting our client’s mind at ease

Our location maintains restricted access during business hours and is fully secured during non-business hours. Each of our environmental chambers is kept under lock and key and is installed with an opaque glass door so you can feel comfortable knowing that your products are kept safe and confidential.


All our storage locations utilize audible alarms. Additionally, we maintain an independent monitoring system that notifies FSG personnel via phone and email in the event there is an alarm condition or a power loss. Our facility is equipped with a back-up generator so our storage units continue to operate in the event that electrical service to the building is interrupted.

All our storage locations are qualified and calibrated annually at the specified storage conditions and undergo periodic remapping to ensure optimum operation.

0°C (Freezer)                      40°C / 75% RH (ICH)

5°C (Refrigerated)             Retain (15 – 30°C or product specific)

25°C / 60% RH (ICH)          Warehouse (15 – 30°C)

30°C / 65% RH (ICH)          Chemical Storage

40°C (Oven)                       60°C (Oven)   


Our facility is equipped with environmental chambers at the listed ICH conditions.  Offering more than storage alone, our expert team can work with you over the course of your stability program to ensure successful completion and accurate results.  Understaffed?  Transfer your stability program to Founders Science Group and let us handle it from start to finish.  Pick and choose from the services listed or contact us to request client/product specific activities.

Additionally, our staff has the knowledge to maintain, troubleshoot and repair our environmental chambers.  There’s no need for us to make service calls or wait for a technician to be available, which means that even if there is an issue, the impact to your stability program is mitigated by the fact that we can address repairs immediately.  Refer to our post on Environmental Chamber Troubleshooting for a look at how we approach environmental maintenance.

  • Develop your stability protocol
  • Pull samples at specified time points
  • Perform stability testing


FSG provides a wide range of storage conditions.  We are equipped with freezers for materials needing temperatures -20°C and refrigerators for materials requiring 2-8°C. Our lab has multiple ovens maintained and monitored at typical temperatures of 40°C and 60°, however these set points can be adjusted to meet the needs of your project.

FSG can also prepare and ship samples under a specified temperature range and provide humidity control.  Using validated insulated shippers and monitoring devices, we will prepare the samples per your request and monitor the shipping conditions through the duration of transit to ensure the integrity of your materials.



Let Founders Science Group provide you with the warehouse and retain space you need to keep operations going uninterrupted.  Have specific storage requirements beyond temperature control?  Ask us to see how we can accommodate you—our goal is to meet the needs of our customers no matter how unique the request!