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Analytical Testing Services

We Help Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, and Personal Care Industries with their Analytics Testing Needs.

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Product Development

From Formulation to Product Development, our team of chemists has the experience to bring your concept into production. 


Warehouse & Storage Solutions

Storage solutions including ICH stability conditions, refrigerated / frozen conditions, warehousing, and more.

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We specialize in cosmetic product quality testing, development, and much more.  

Work with our expert staff on quality testing, validation, and development.

Pharmaceutical companies can trust our analytical needs,  and development services.

Your Expert Chemists, Inventors, Analysts and More...

Founders Science Group offers analytical testing, storage solutions, and development support to companies needing help with cosmetics, personal care, pharmaceuticals and more. Our comprehensive analytical services span from component testing of raw materials and packaging to release and stability testing. With complete turnkey options, we are the solution to your stability challenges.

Our development support options include both method work and formulation optimization.

We are an FDA registered GMP compliant testing facility serving the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and personal care industries.   Established in 2014 by Pharmaceutical Industry Professionals, FSG was born from our cofounders’ desire to offer our clients a large array of services with a focus on quality and expedient communication. Located in Taunton, MA, our goal is a professional testing laboratory that has an emphasis on customer care.


Analytical Testing Services

wet chemistry analysis 

Trust your analytical needs to the Founders Science Group scientists. From the initial receipt of your sample through to the delivery of a comprehensive report, our team prioritizes unwavering quality. We provide a broad spectrum of standard industry tests, adapt existing methods to meet specific client requirements, and partner with you to create, validate, and implement innovative methods.

Our specialized formulation team of scientists and developers is committed to crafting consumer-preferred, effective products for our clients. Boasting over 20 years of experience in developing skincare products, we possess the comprehensive technical expertise and innovative vision required to create unique, market-differentiated products across the Over-The-Counter, Prescription, and Cosmetics industries.

Product Development Services

helping with cosmetic product development

Storage and Warehousing Solutions

Temperature control chamber offered to pharmaceutical companies

Our storage solution service offers round-the-clock, year-long secure storage facilities, ensuring robust performance and safety for all stored items. Our locations are monitored daily, and data is meticulously recorded for reliability and future reference. With restricted access, secured environments, and key-locked chambers with opaque doors, independent monitoring, we offer confidentiality and safety. 

With annual qualification, calibration, and periodic remapping of our storage areas, we ensure optimal conditions are maintained, backed by a generator to prevent interruptions, and to offer continuous protection for your valuables.

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Product Development
Storage Solutions

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