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Rapid Resolution Methods

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Imagine the possibility of taking your LC method from a 40 minute analysis to less than 10 minutes.  Let Founders Science Group take your chromatography to the next level with our rapid resolution chromatography systems. Rapid resolution methods are accurate and sensitive; in addition, it effectively increases the sample analysis throughput compared with conventional HPLC.

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Our UHPLC system makes it possible to perform high resolution separations superior to HPLC analysis by using solid phase particles of sub-2 μm diameter to achieve superior sensitivity and resolution. Additionally, UPLC can be used for applications that are not feasible with HPLC due to its improved separation capabilities.

Method Transfer

Ready to bring testing in-house? Test methodology transfer is a required GMP process that qualifies a receiving laboratory to utilize a method that originated in a transferring laboratory. This process is intended to ensure and document that the method performs as intended within the receiving laboratories environment.

Founders Science Group is knowledgeable in providing both ICH and USP based protocol writing support as well as maintaining a large breadth of testing capabilities and capacity, to support the method transfer process.

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