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Advanced Identification Testing with
Spectrometry Services

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Comprehensive Spectroscopy Testing Services

Discover a range of identification testing services at Founders Science Group, utilizing cutting-edge spectrometry techniques. These analytical methods enable the identification and characterization of diverse samples, including the determination of stability indicators for materials under long-term or accelerated storage conditions.

Inductively Coupled Plasma

Optical Emission Spectroscopy (ICP-OES) The ICP-OES identifies the elemental composition of a sample by atomizing it in an induced plasma hotter than the sun’s surface. The emitted light is detected and interpreted at thousands of wavelengths, revealing the elemental makeup of the sample. Capable of identifying 73 elements, some at part-per-trillion levels, it is ideal for trace metal analysis in various sample matrices. Liquid samples can be directly tested, while solid samples can be dissolved in acid for analysis.

  • Applications: USP <232>, <233>, <730>; EPA 200.7, EPA 6010D (environmental analysis).

Ultraviolet-Visible Spectroscopy (UV-Vis)

UV-V is measures light absorption by a sample, using two lamps emitting light in visible and ultraviolet spectrums. The absorption is extrapolated into a relative concentration, helping identify organic and inorganic composition. Additionally, it can determine the presence of stability-indicating compounds that may form over time.

  • Applications: USP <197>.

Fourier Transform Infrared

Spectroscopy (FTIR) FTIR functions similarly to UV-Vis but with a broader bandwidth, discerning absorption of functional groups. It identifies organic and inorganic composition, as well as molecular properties, making it ideal for known and unknown materials.

  • Applications: USP <197>.

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