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Stability Storage Services

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Comprehensive Set of Stability Storage Services

Proper storage of your samples during stability testing is a critical component in pharmaceutical products to meet set guidelines in determining the quality of a substance over time.

At Founders Science group we offer the full range of ICH Stability Testing storage temperature environments and beyond.

ICH Stability Testing storage temperature & environments Include

  • ICH Long term: 25°C / 60% Relative Humidity (RH)
  • ICH Intermediate: 30°C / 65% RH
  • ICH Accelerated: 40°C / 75% RH
  • Custom Conditions:
    • Do your storage needs fall outside that of the ICH storage requirements? No problem, at Founders Science Group we have the capability to offer custom, on demand, storage conditions to fit your unique needs.

Your sample management will be monitored by our team of dedicated individuals who will ensure your product is properly maintained.

Does your product need testing while under storage?  Check out the Analytical Services offered by Founders Science Group to achieve reliable, quality testing of your product. 

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