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Refrigerated Storage Services

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We specialize in cosmetic product quality testing, development, and much more.  

Work with our expert staff on quality testing, validation, and development.

Pharmaceutical companies can trust our analytical needs,  and development services.

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At Founders Science Group, our commitment to the integrity and safety of your valuable assets goes beyond expectations. We maintain temperature-controlled storage units set at 2-8°C, -20°C, and -80°C. All our temperature-controlled storage areas are continuously monitored 24/7. Rest easy knowing that our facilities are equipped with advanced monitoring and notification systems that send instant text and email in the event of any temperature excursions.

ICH storage analysis and services

What sets us apart? Our storage systems are not only under constant surveillance but are also backed by supplemental generator support, ensuring uninterrupted operation even in unexpected situations.

Choose Founders Science Group for storage solutions that prioritize precision, reliability, and the utmost security for your pharmaceuticals, biotech materials, and research specimens. Elevate your storage standards with Founders Science Group – where excellence meets peace of mind.

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