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Welcome to Founders Science Group, LLC

Founders is dedicated to the innovation of formulations within the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries playing a crucial role in developing products that are effective, safe, and catering to the evolving consumer needs. As we continue to grow, we appreciate the support and interest of our investors.

Investment Highlights

Visionary Leadership:

The genesis of Founders Science Group, LLC was marked by the extraordinary blend of skills and expertise brought to the table by its co-founders, Ronald Gurge and Robert Munroe. Ron, with a background deeply rooted in Gillette/Proctor and Gamble, Precision, and Collegiate dermatology, brought unparalleled formulation skills to the venture.

Having honed his skills in renowned companies such as Gillette and Proctor and Gamble, Ronald Gurge’s expertise in formulation was nothing short of exceptional. His experience in Precision and collegiate dermatology further enriched his understanding of product development. Ron’s proficiency in crafting precise formulations became a cornerstone for Founders, setting the platform apart in delivering high-quality insights and resources in the realm of product development and formulation.

Within the visionary team behind Founders Science Group, Robert Munroe’s role as a co-founder brought a wealth of expertise in running laboratories. With a profound understanding of applicable regulations, meticulous testing procedures, and troubleshooting intricacies in research and development, Munroe’s contribution elevated the platform’s capabilities.

Their collective expertise laid the groundwork for a platform that not only educated but aspiring.

Market Opportunity:

There is a growing demand for innovative anti-aging and skincare solutions, driving companies to invest in advanced formulations. Investing in Founders presents an exciting opportunity, especially considering the dynamic advances of raw materials at our disposal. The educated consumer preferences for skincare, haircare, and cosmetic products drives the market to utilize the expanding science and scientific advances make the possibilities endless of what we can invent. This makes for an exciting time in the cosmetic industry where the potential growth is exponential.

Financial Performance:

Our current robust growth rate has doubled in the last three years leading us to a successful trajectory trend. Our consistent growth reflects effective business strategies, strong execution, and a positive response from the market because of our insightful formulas.

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