At Founders Science Group it is our commitment to provide quality and timely support to our clients.  We know you have many options for pharmaceutical testing and formulation development support and we are dedicated to standing out from the crowd with our superior customer service and technical expertise.  If you are interested in a quotation for any of the work below, please contact info@founderssg.com.  We look forward to partnering with you!


FSG is located in the Myles Standish Industrial Park in Taunton, MA.  This industrial park is one of the largest in Massachusetts, currently covering over 1000K acres. This places our facility in close proximity to major highways, airports and lodging. The physical structure of FSG’s laboratory allows for dedicated testing, storage and formulation development space.  Our new location was constructed with our specific needs in mind: a layout that is both easy to maintain and designed to improve the efficiency of our staff.


FSG’s core team has been together for over 10 years, forming the backbone of the laboratory and development team for a company that was sold for over 450 million dollars and had developed 4 industry leading products. Our staff has amassed decades of experience in the analytical, quality control and project management fields in the cosmetic, medical device and pharmaceutical industries.






With over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical testing industry, Robert Munroe brings quality and management experience to Founders Science Group along with a wealth of knowledge. In previous positions, Robert has directed the activities of Quality Control and Research and Development groups and has been involved in handling FDA site audits and client sponsored audits of quality operations.

Ron has been developing pharmaceutical and cosmetic products for for over 17 years. Several have become the largest names in their respective categories and several intellectual property opportunities were realized with the granting of 6 patents. Ron’s experience includes the development of Antiperspirants/Deodorants, Shaving Preparations, Tooth Whiteners, Cosmetics and prescription products for Dry Skin, Acne and Atopic Dermatitis.