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Why is Choosing the Right CBD Testing Facility Important?

Why is choosing the right analytical partner for CBD testing important?

Founders has been analyzing CBD, CBG, and CBD and other cannabinoids for over two years.  In that time, FSG has gathered knowledge on what it takes to accurately test a wide range of cannabinoid products.  If you are serious about making a quality CBD product then real results are critical.

  • Quality — evaluating the recovery of any particular cannabinoid to expected results is indicative of the quality of the product.  Without confidence in the results you don’t have confidence in your product.


  • Handling — CBD is not a tricky molecule to analyze.  But everything it is getting “dropped” into is.  You need a laboratory that knows how to navigate the various product pathways to find a sample handling procedure that is right for your CBD product, whether it is a beverage or a lotion or anything in-between.  Without properly preparing your sample the accuracy of your testing results cannot be guaranteed.


  • Turnkey — the FSG team has decades of knowledge of cosmetic, OTC and prescription products.  If there are other tests your product needs we can support them, too.  We house product stability studies in-house as well.  Get all your product solutions at one facility!


  • Time — the sooner you have your results the sooner the product can get on the shelves.  We consistently deliver results to our clients within 7 to 10 business days, if not sooner.  Rush results are available at additional cost.

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