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New ICP-AES Online!

Founders Science Group has recently completed the installation of a new, ICP-AES, to assist our clients in addressing the 2018 regulatory changes due to the introduction of USP <232> and USP <233> and the related information in ICH Q3D.

Founders Science Group is equipped with a Shimadzu ICPE-9000, a Cetac ultrasonic nebulizer and a closed vessel microwave digester to handle a wide variety of samples and their matrices. The ICPE-9000 is capable of measuring a wide variety of elements including all twenty-four elements outlined in USP chapters <232> and <233>, with detection limits well below the permissible limit values.

Each metal is evaluated at a different wavelength, and the ICPE-9000 is capable of conducting simultaneous analysis of each wavelength allowing for fast efficient sample analysis.

Founders Science Group is ready to assist your company in the
transition to the new USP and ICH guidelines. Contact us today for a consultation of where we can help you meet the current regulatory requirements.

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