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New Equipment Coming Online: GC

analytical testing laboratory machine

An Agilent 7890B Gas Chromatograph is currently being installed at our Taunton facility and will be online this summer. Equipped with a 7693 Autosampler and a 7697A Headspace Analyzer Founders will soon be able to meet all of your gas chromatography needs. To read more about the 7890B and its capabilities, refer to the product […]

Environmental Chamber Troubleshooting

This post is also available as a .pdf download: Founders Science Group Environmental Chamber PDF Environmental chambers are a critical aspect of any pharmaceutical company.  Their contents are the lifeblood of the industry—data being collected for submission to the FDA—so when an environmental chamber fails, getting it back up and running is a high priority.  Environmental […]

FSG Service Highlight: Water Testing

analytical and chemical testing laboratory equipment

Founders Science Group provides state-of-the-art water testing services.  Our analysts are well-experienced in both handling and preparation of water samples and their knowledge reaches beyond the testing process.  Our staff evaluates each sample received prior to analysis in order to identify potential sampling errors, which can avoid costly OOS investigations.  Founders Science Group can also […]

New Equipment Coming Online: UHPLC

analytical testing equipment - offering chemistry analysis and more

An Agilent 1290 Infinity II LC will be coming into service July 2017. The UHPLC will expand our LC offerings, allowing Founders Science Group to tackle the most difficult chromatography tests with an added level of efficiency and robustness. FSG will now be offering method development and method optimization for UHPLC chromatography. The 1290 Infinity […]

FSG Service Highlight: Penetrability USP

analytical testing laboratory equipment

Using our Product Actuation and Weighing Station (PAWS) our staff are able to test stoppers according to USP<381> for penetrability. We are not restricted to testing glass vials–using a 3D printer we are able to modify the machine to hold and analyze a wide range of containers. Reach out today for more information and pricing!

New ICP-AES Online!

analytical testing laboratory equipment

Founders Science Group has recently completed the installation of a new, ICP-AES, to assist our clients in addressing the 2018 regulatory changes due to the introduction of USP <232> and USP <233> and the related information in ICH Q3D. Founders Science Group is equipped with a Shimadzu ICPE-9000, a Cetac ultrasonic nebulizer and a closed […]

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