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Need for Improved Testing of Benzoyl Peroxide

benzyne testing

Two recent articles from the Personal Care Products Council (PCPC) have highlighted the urgent need for improved testing of Benzoyl Peroxide products at this critical time. The article titled “Statement by the Personal Care Products Council on Valisure Petition on Benzoyl Peroxide in OTC Personal Care Products” highlights that over-the-counter (OTC) drug products, including anti-acne […]

Press Release: Founders Science Group Unveils Revamped Website to Showcase Enhanced Testing, Development, and Storage Services

Taunton, MA – Founders Science Group, a leader in GMP compliant testing, product development, and storage solutions, is excited to announce the launch of its newly redesigned website, FoundersSG.com. This revitalization reflects the company’s commitment to quality, innovation, and customer service in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and personal care industries. A New Era of Analytical Excellence […]

Why is Choosing the Right CBD Testing Facility Important?

Why is choosing the right analytical partner for CBD testing important? Founders has been analyzing CBD, CBG, and CBD and other cannabinoids for over two years.  In that time, FSG has gathered knowledge on what it takes to accurately test a wide range of cannabinoid products.  If you are serious about making a quality CBD […]

New Equipment Coming Online: GC

analytical testing laboratory machine

An Agilent 7890B Gas Chromatograph is currently being installed at our Taunton facility and will be online this summer. Equipped with a 7693 Autosampler and a 7697A Headspace Analyzer Founders will soon be able to meet all of your gas chromatography needs. To read more about the 7890B and its capabilities, refer to the product […]

FSG Service Highlight: Total Organic Carbon

TOC Testing cUSP <643> Total Organic Carbon (TOC) is the measure of organic carbon in a water sample.  TOC is a key indicator of water quality in the pharmaceutical industry.  Recommendations for this test can be found in chapter <643> of the United States Pharmacopeia. The staff at Founders Science Group have a strong history […]

Equipment Loan from MassDevelopment

Founders Science Group- chemical testing services

Founders Science Group is pleased to announce that we have received a $250K loan for equipment purchases through the MassDevelopment agency! Read more here: MassDevelopment Equipment Loan for Founders Science Group.

FSG Service Highlight: Water Testing

analytical and chemical testing laboratory equipment

Founders Science Group provides state-of-the-art water testing services.  Our analysts are well-experienced in both handling and preparation of water samples and their knowledge reaches beyond the testing process.  Our staff evaluates each sample received prior to analysis in order to identify potential sampling errors, which can avoid costly OOS investigations.  Founders Science Group can also […]

New Equipment Coming Online: UHPLC

analytical testing equipment - offering chemistry analysis and more

An Agilent 1290 Infinity II LC will be coming into service July 2017. The UHPLC will expand our LC offerings, allowing Founders Science Group to tackle the most difficult chromatography tests with an added level of efficiency and robustness. FSG will now be offering method development and method optimization for UHPLC chromatography. The 1290 Infinity […]

Facility Expansion Announced!

under construction graphic

Founders Science Group is pleased to announce the expansion of our facility, with the construction of a new GMP Storage area. This is an ongoing process to transform our current facility to enable us to meet the growing needs of our clients. This additional square footage will allow for installation of additional storage equipment and […]

MassEcon Welcome Reception

Massachusetts Econ Event photo

As a new business in Massachusetts, Founders Science Group was invited to the 9th Annual Corporate Welcome Reception hosted at Sanofi Genzyme in Cambridge, MA. FSG was honored to be a part of the 18 companies that were recognized at the event. The celebration was attended by several senior state officials, including Governor Charlie Baker. […]

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